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Cincinnati Bengals Tickets

Cincinnati Bengals Tickets


As a premier Ohio based football team that had its roots within the American Football League in 1968, the Cincinnati Bengals have since developed into a strong franchise with numerous playoff showings and notable players. The team was established when owner Paul Brown was granted franchise rights. Despite hating the AFL and being promised to join the NFL within after the upcoming merger of the two leagues, he reluctantly took the offer and funded the team with ten million dollars.

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Despite a few strong appearances throughout their history, the Bengals have historically struggled in terms of their play. They claim fame to two conference championships, one in 1981 and another in 1988. However, since 1990, they have only made the playoffs a total of two times in 2005 and 2009. They have never won the Super Bowl in their history and suffered from one of the longest droughts in terms of success. Indeed, they posted a decade and a half of seasons without having a winning record.

There was surely rejuvenation in the year 2000 with the introduction of Paul Brown Stadium, a son’s tribute to his father and the man who started the Bengals many years ago. This sentimental tribute was noteworthy because at the time most stadiums were being named after companies as part of commercial contracts for brand awareness.

The Bengals are also credited for the widespread usage of the no-huddle offense, an end game strategy where the team would quickly set up for the next play without giving the defense an opportunity to prepare. Despite criticism and apprehension from teams like the Buffalo Bills, the threat of penalization from officials for such a tactic was never followed through with fruition. Now, the strategy is widely used by a variety of teams to confuse the opponents and push them to exhaustion by not letting weaker players get substituted in time.