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Roger Waters Tickets

Roger Waters Tickets


The legendary band Pink Floyd was founded in 1965 and at its core was the seminal member and future solo titan, Roger Waters.  For three years, he performed the relatively minor roles of co-lead vocalist and of course bass player.  But, in 1968, Syd Barrett left Pink Floyd, leaving a significant void.  At that point, he took over several of the leadership responsibilities including songwriting  and conceptual design.  In subsequent years, Pink Floyd enjoyed staggering success all over the world thanks to his guidance and the band’s undeniable skill and talent.  Their albums from the 1970s are well recognized and include The Wall, The Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, and Wish You Were Here.  All were concept albums built on the ideas of the legendary leader who helped drive ticket sales for stellar performances.

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Unfortunately the success of the ‘70s became inner turmoil in the ‘80s.  Band members suffered from creative disagreements and, in 1985, Roger Waters left the group.  The conflict became a legal matter for a time as few disputed the band’s name and the music they had created under his direction.  A settlement was reached between him and the other members of Pink Floyd in 1987. He gave up the name, performing in the future under his own name, Roger Waters, and apparently retained rights to much of the material which he performed for years to come.

On his own, he has done a number of world famous live shows in addition to releasing three albums: The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking in 1984, Radio K.A.O.S. in 1987, and Amused to Death in 1992.  Waters’ live performances include The Wall – Live in Berlin in 1990 which was attended by over 200,000 and the Live 8 charity event in 2005 during which Roger played with the other members of Pink Floyd for the first time in 24 years.

As a part of Pink Floyd and on his own, the newly found soloist is well known for his highly conceptual albums and immersive live shows.  In his first solo album, he showcased his conceptual talents by making it a narrative account of a night’s worth of one man’s dreams.  Throughout the course of the album, the performer also expressed his confusion, frustration, and sadness about the failure of his first marriage to childhood sweetheart Judy Trim as well as the more general issues of conventional family morals versus what he describes as ‘the call of the wild’.  Eric Clapton and David Sanborn joined this performer for the recording of The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, demonstrating the high status he enjoyed in the music industry.

The Roger Waters live shows were some of the most spectacular ever seen, both with and after Pink Floyd.  In his The Wall – Live in Berlin show, he again called on some of music’s most significant names like Sinead O’Connor, Joni Mitchell, The Scorpions, and Van Morrison.  This performer also engaged several dramatic elements like a symphony orchestra from East Germany, a marching band from the Soviet Union, and two helicopters on loan from the United States 7th Airborne.  The album version of the show achieved platinum status, selling many tickets to tours.